Saturday, October 20, 2018

JATSLRTLines Indicator for NT8


I updated the JATSLRTLines indicator for NT8 to help me trade volatility. The indicator now uses Linear Regression with volatility envelopes. It's very simple. The indicator puts the linear regression line that I use as the median trend line on the chart, and then you can layer your own ATR levels around it, customizing the ATR levels around that median trend line to suit your needs for different time frames. 

So, my problem in the past with trading to ATR profit and stop targets was always, 2 ATR, 3 ATR, 5 ATR?  I mean, where is that?  Now I know, because I can see it across multiple time frames. Now I can trade to a 15 Min 2 ATR, see it on my chart and nail those trades.

This is a technical indicator that is actually useful to me. And did I mention it is customizeable and the plots are exposed so you can generate your own signals in your strategy with BloodHound or NinjaTrader? So yes, you can put however many ATR levels you want on the chart or get signals from with your strategy.  And yes, it is included as part of the JATS Complete Package, no extra charge.  

And so now this indicator is the only thing I want on my chart other than the straight, out of the box momentum, which I have smoothed to show me inflections, and of course, my custom BloodHound templates. 

Technical indicators that work for me. Linear Regression with Volatility Envelopes + Momentum. JATSLRTLines for NT8.  I am woman.

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