Friday, February 26, 2016

Mandatory NinjaTrader Update before Feb. 27th

Mandatory NinjaTrader Update before Feb. 27th

2 Point Head Fake to Start

Price traded short today after a 2 point head fake between 7:30 am and 8:00 am.
Notice the 2 Great Reversals at the River of Gold?


Short Direction Solver

Sometimes just having a Short Direction Solver is all you need
when a market changes a trend direction

JATSDirectionGuideBH Template, Filter:  Short Direction

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reigning the River of Gold

It's all about the inflections at the River of Gold, I'm telling you what.


This is so Amazing!  Crude directionally ranged lower all day today so I could successfully enter my short trade plan!  This is so powerful.  Knowing which direction to take and having a signal to take the trade on.  Software is amazing.  And today the signals were even changing direction before the bars did.  That's like really good! Lol.

Proprietary Algo

Premarket Review - Emini S&P 500 2/23/16

Good Morning!  The video today is a review of the E-Mini Contract.
(I said Crude in the video, but it is the E-Mini.)

I also look at customizing the MP Lines indicator for 30 minute mini profiles.  Very cool.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Crude 3 Bar Rally Up

Crude 3 Bar Rally on 60 Minute Chart
6:00 pm Chicago Time, 2/11/16

.... or, is this wishful thinking?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's next for Gold?

What's next for Gold?

Resistance:  1170, 1184, and 1193  
POC at 1140
Support at 1122, 1115

With this strong momentum, I'm looking for 1193.

Gann HiLo Solver
The Gann HiLo Indicator was introduced by Robert Krausz with FibonacciTrader in "The New Gann Swing Chartist," that was published in 1988's edition of TASC magazine (Stocks & Commodities V16:2, pp 57-66). The indicator uses a three day simple moving average calculated from the daily highs and the daily lows. JATS has customized these settings to get a reversal signal when the bar closes below the low average in an uptrend or above the high average in a downtrend.  The indicator value is calculated from the prior bar.  You can trade the signal inflections inside a larger trend direction for maximum value.  The indicator's stop line calculations can be taken from the following moving averages.  

- a moving median
- a 2-pole Butterworth filter
- a 3-pole Butterworth filter
- a DEMA (double exponential MA)
- a DSMA (double simple MA)
- a DTMA (double triangular MA)
- a DWMA (double weighted MA)
- an Ehlers filter
- an EMA
- a 2-pole Gauss filter
- a 3-pole Gauss filter
- a 4-pole Gauss filter
- a HMA (Hull MA)
- a Holt EMA
- a Linear Regression indicator
- a SMA
- a 2-pole Supersmoother
- a 3-pole Supersmoother
- a TEMA (triple exponential MA)
- a TMA (triangular MA)
- a TSMA (triple simple MA)
- a TWMA (triple weighted MA)
- a VWMA(volume weighted MA)
- a WMA (weighted MA)
- a ZeroLagHATEMA
- a ZeroLagTEMA

Using 25% Value Area ("River of Gold") as Support and Resistance

Using 25% of Value as Support and Resistance

I have been using the 25% value area for several months now and have found an edge many times when trading a reversal inflection at this level.  Friday's sell off in the E-Mini S&P 500 started with a 25% reversal inflection at the previous session's 25% VAH at 8:15 am Chicago Time, CST.  Then, a second reversal inflection at the current developing 25% VAH occurred at 8:42 am CST that held ALL DAY as price continued moving lower and lower all the way down to the Feb. 3 low as seen on the 30 minute chart.  So using the River of Gold as a support or resistance level can provide you an edge in trading when the market is moving.

JATSTestBH Template -- Volume
JATSDirectionGuideBH Template -- Filter:  Short Direction
JATSDirectionGuideBH Template -- Chart Template using Index Futures Filter