Thursday, September 29, 2016

BULLISH Yen Chart Pattern

Ascending Triangle
The ascending triangle is a bullish pattern, which gives an indication that the price of the security is headed higher upon completion. The pattern is formed by two trendlines: a flat trendline being a point of resistance and an ascending trendline acting as a price support.
The price of the security moves between these trendlines until it eventually breaks out to the upside. This pattern will typically be preceded by an upward trend, which makes it a continuation pattern; however, it can be found during a downtrend. 
Figure 2: Ascending triangle

As seen above, the price moves to a high that faces resistance leading to a sell-off to a low. This follows another move higher, which tests the previous level of resistance. Upon failing to move past this level of resistance, the security again sells off - but to a higher low. This continues until the price moves above the level of resistance or the pattern fails.
The most telling part of this pattern is the ascending support line, which gives an indication that sellers are starting to leave the security. After the sellers are knocked out of the market, the buyers can take the price past the resistance level and resume the upward trend.
The pattern is complete upon breakout above the resistance level, but it can fall below the support line (thus breaking the pattern), so be careful when entering prior to breakout.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

How to Get a Quant Edge in Today's Market

See my note below the Webinar Screen

Ok, this guy has a good grasp of long or short trading. This is basically
what I've been doing, except using Higher Time Frame Trend.

Too bad he doesn't have BloodHound, and
our Custom Market Analyzer, Momentum Indicator, Bar Type

and Trading Templates to enter on the smaller time frame to nail those entries.

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