Sunday, March 6, 2016

Answer to Email Question

Answer to Email Question

To me, trading is really just probability margin trading.  You lean on probabilities of orderly markets that are trending or ranging.  If no order, no trade.  In a trending market, you trade in the direction of previous trend after a pullback.  In a range, you can only sell the tops or buy the bottoms -- until the breakout.  There are plenty of intraday areas that you can trade to.

Trading is learning to identify market state, and use a system that mimicks that price pattern behavior.  So I look for either a directional, trend type of trading day or a ranging, top to bottom, type of price action.

JATSKXDBH Template, Solver KXD 70/30
I use many tricks to keep me visually aware of where I am on the chart.  Simple standard Ninja Trader indicators, like Heiken Ashi, Prior OHLC, Current OHLC, VWAP, Keltner Channel, allow me to get signals at the right direction and location.  If you don't find one of these indicators in your indicator list, just head over to the Ninja Trader Forum and you may find it there in the indicators forum.

I also use two open source third-party indicators, the SuperTrend Indicator and HiLoActivator Indicator from Harry aka Fat Tails at Lizard Trader.  Harry is a custom programmer for Ninja Trader and those indicators can be downloaded at his website.

And I also use two proprietary indicators, the MP Lines Indicator from Fin-Alg and the VWAP Plus Indicator from HighTech Trading.  The mini profiles are customized in the MP Lines indicator.

Customers who purchase JATS BloodHound Templates get a Workspace set up with their charts, with the Market Analyzer and JATS BloodHound Templates preloaded and ready to go.

Here is a short video that follows up on the strategy and some of the solvers.