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*Licenses for NinjaTrader, BloodHound, Blackbird are Separate.  All JATS Indicator and Template Sales Final, AS IS WHEREIS, and this package is subject to the Subscription Agreement and Disclosures shown herein.

JATS Complete Package Bundle
Annual Renewal Subscription $795*
for Existing Complete Package Subscribers

*Licenses for NinjaTrader, BloodHound, Blackbird are Separate.  All JATS Indicator and Template Sales Final, AS IS WHEREIS, and subject to EULA and 
this package is subject to the Subscription Agreement and Disclosures shown herein.

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    JATSLRTLines Indicator for NT8 and JATSLRTBands 

    Linear Regression trends respond more quickly to market conditions than moving averages can on minute charts.  In the LRTBands BloodHound Template, you can select from multiple settings to find a trending condition across the 60 Minute, 30 Minute, 15 Minute, 5 Minute and 3 Minute Charts, or you can select the LRT-ALL solver to display when the settings all align together, as shown in the below screenshot.  


    JATS Direction Guide BloodHound Template

    Josh Lukeman provides the foundation for a short-term day trading guide to help traders find the correct direction that price action is likely to trade during the regular cash trading sessions.  Lukeman emphasizes that a day trader has a better chance for a directional trade occurring when trades are taken in the direction of the short-term trend.  
    • He found that the day trader should be patient and wait to enter a position once the trend aligns itself in the direction of price relative to 
      • (1) the previous close, and 
      • (2) the current open.  
    • He then refers to this opening price signal as a simple and effective gauge for determining the daily trend of a stock or market.  The opening price signal is the last price minus the opening price.  If the net difference between the last price and the opening price is positive by 1/4 point or more, it is a positive opening price signal. Lukeman advises to trade only in the direction of the opening price signal.
    The JATS Direction Guide for Day Trading BloodHound template takes these core concepts of Trend, the Net Price Rule and the Open Price Rule, and combines them with customized filters and a four tier trading system to help identify the optimum trend opportunities for our market within the larger directional trend framework.

    The JATS Direction Guide for Day Trading template provides RTH signals for the following futures markets:
    • Corn/Beans
    • Index Futures
    • Gold
    • Bonds
    • Currencies
    • Crude/Natural Gas

    The Market Analyzer BloodHound Templates provide higher time frame tend signals for the for the Weekly, Daily, 60 Minute and 15 Minute charts.  Also, BloodHound Templates for a fast Higher Time Frame Trend, a 15 Minute Range Breakout, Prior Close and Super Trend Indicator.  

    Or, you can set the Market Analyzer BloodHound Templates to just show you the Higher Time Frame Trend signals:

    The JATS Direction Guide core template solvers are meant to be used as a background "directional guide" day trading indicator and are based off the net price/open price signals and short term trend for the above markets included.  Data is preselected to the RTH Session Template for each market.  

    Once you find the market’s short-term trend direction in the Market Analyzer, you can consider using the core solver or one of the other filtered solvers for timing entries.  


    JATS HiLo Inflections Template

    JATS HILO Inflections is a BloodHound template is a must have to trade volatility.  It is recommended for use during trending market conditions and with the JATS Direction Guide Template and Trade Plan.  There are two third party indicators included in the strategy, the Super Trend Indicator and the Gann HiLo Activator, and the customized UniRenko bar is also included.  

    Have you ever wondered why your trade is not working out?  All the stars seem to be aligned.  The Weekly, Daily, 60 and 15 minute charts are all trending higher together, yet the trades are struggling to get anywhere and you are getting stopped out.  Well, the volatility for your time period could be on the wrong side of the market.  The JATSHiLoInflectionsBH Template is the perfect compliment to the Direction Guide template and will help you nail the trades at the right time.


    JATS MACT Templates

    The JATS MACT BloodHound template transfers the components from JATS custom Market Analyzer to your charts.  You can now control market analyzer settings for the Higher Time Frame Trend, Prior Close, SuperTrend and Range and use these settings in your strategy.

    Customization is available.


    JATS Bollinger/Keltner Bands Template

    The JATS Bollinger/Keltner Bands BloodHound & chart templates were designed to assist traders in identifying possible trend continuations that occur at a custom standard deviation level, especially when the signal follows a "with trend" momentum divergence inflection.  The BH template has several solvers including, Direction, Bollinger Trend, Bollinger Expansion, Bollinger Squeeze, Reversals using Bollinger/Momentum divergence, and Trail.  


    We at J Auto Trading Strategies, LLC  are not certified traders nor are we certified financial planners. We all chose this profession so that we could take our destiny into our own hands and aspire to a future of independence and satisfaction. We offer NO warranty whatsoever. Execution techniques differ from trader to trader. There is no way for us to predict any outcome of your trading.

    Futures and forex trading have large potential rewards, but also contain substantial risk and is not for every investor.  An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment.  Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones' financial security or life style.  Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.

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