Advanced Trade Management

BlackBird is Shark Indicators' Strategy Trade Designer for NinjaTrader that significantly extends the functionality of NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader, ATM, and much more. It serves both discretionary traders and automation traders.  Watch the short video below.

For the discretionary trader, risk and money management rules can be defined to assist the trader from violating their daily trading limits and risks, and that’s just the beginning. The trade designer aspect gives the trader unprecedented control of every order type. The ability to automatically manage the entry, profit target and stop-loss. And of course, manual movement of the orders can be made at any time.

For the automated trader, BlackBird can automatically enter a trade using your favorite signal generating indicator or BloodHound signal, and then manage all order types, as mentioned before, for a fully automated trading system.

BlackBird can even use BloodHound signals to manage your profit and stop-loss orders to build a truly advanced automated trading system.

BlackBird is used in the JATS Trade Room to execute and manage trades using JATS BloodHound Templates.